Used for prosthetics after amputation of the lower leg.
Individually made cosmetics give the prosthesis a natural appearance.
At the request of the customer, the prosthesis can be made using imported components and semi-finished products.

We offer the manufacture of various lower limb prostheses, including the shank prosthesis. These prostheses are made individually and are assembled from separate modules and semi-finished products. Using this modular manufacturing method allows you to create a prosthesis in strict accordance with the medical purpose. In this case, the clinical, anthropometric and other characteristics of the prosthetics are taken into account. During the fitting, as well as during walking, it is easy to adjust the parameters of the prosthesis.
The modular prosthesis of the lower leg is used for prosthetics of disabled people of both sexes and all age groups, with the exception of children, if they have amputated one or two limbs at the level of the upper, middle or lower third of the lower leg.
Our prosthetics technician, who takes measurements and makes prostheses, can choose the most convenient system based on the patient’s age, weight, degree of activity and stump condition.

Shin prosthesis

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