Used for prosthetics after hip amputation.
Individually made cosmetics give the prosthesis a natural appearance.
At the request of the customer, the prosthesis can be made using imported components and semi-finished products.

Dentures that are used for hip amputation are divided into two groups: modular and frame. But at present, the most widely used modular hip prosthesis is in view of its most convenient manufacturing and fitting to the individual characteristics of a disabled patient.
The modular hip prosthesis consists of a culture sleeve, sleeve adapter, knee module, carrier module and foot. In the case of a hip prosthesis, a vacuum mount is used in the receptacle sleeve. When putting on the hip prosthesis, use an elastic bandage or a special cover: air is pumped out using the air valve, which allows you to tightly fix the stump sleeve. To remove the prosthesis, simply open the valve, let in air and remove the stump. A different type of prosthesis attachment is also possible: using an elastic bandage or the so-called silicone liner.
The selection of the elements (modules) of the hip prosthesis is carried out after an individual examination of the patient by a prosthetic technician. On average, the manufacturing time for a hip prosthesis is two weeks. In particularly difficult cases, several fittings are possible. The weight of the prosthesis averages 3 kilograms.

Thigh prosthesis

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